Paul Rizzo – Drummer

PAUL is a second generation Maltese-Australia who with his wife Doris, have three children: Chris, Sandra and Stephen.

Sandra is an ex-member of the band where she played the clarinet under the tutoring of Mro Joseph Darmanin for a number of years.

Paul was exposed to a variety of bands that his father, Eric Rizzo, used to play with, such as Liverpool Brass band, Ashfield Municipal Band and the army reserve. This certainly influenced him and at a very young age his father started teaching him music. He initially learnt the tenor horn but the drums had always grabbed his attention and this is what he has played since 1970. 

Paul started learning and playing in 1971 with Liverpool Brass Band and in 1974 Paul learned to play the drum kit, going on to join a number of pop groups for a period of 20 years. At the same time he played too as a guest player with Ashfield and CMF bands with his dad Eric.  

Then in 1976 he joined our band where his father was the first President. Paul, like his dad, is a very dedicated band member and rarely misses rehearsals or programs. His tender care is much noted when he is often helping other new members in his field.

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