Josephine Camilleri – Saxophonist

Josephine plays the alto saxophone in our band and has played this instrument since she was nine years old and has played in the band since 1999.

Being a third generation Maltese Australian, she was certainly influenced by her nannudad and uncle and she recalls that she always wanted Nannu Eric to be proud of her as she always looked up to him as a role model. By joining the band she thought that it would make him proud.  

As soon as Josephine turned 18 she became more active in the band and she has held a number of positions including Assistant Treasurer for three years, Secretary for four years and President for two years. 

Josephine believes that the future of the band rests on its members sticking together and remembering what’s important: the reason we play and come to the band, for the love of music and the traditions of our parents.

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